Shape / Shift

Curation, Visual Identity, Exhibition

Curation and development of the 2015 OCAD U Industrial Design graduation exhibition in Toronto. Organizing participating members of the graduating class to develop and execute the concept of Shape / Shift, to showcase the variety of graduating projects in a cohesive exhibition, and to create impermanent wall installations with the overall movement of the space in mind.

SHAPE / SHIFT is an exhibition of Industrial Design graduating projects by students at the OCAD University. The display showcases projects that unify people, technology and business into unique products and services that can have a profound impact on our society. Shaping addresses current or explicit problems and provides immediate value; it formulates innovative solutions. Shifting addresses unforeseen or implicit problems and provides prospective value; it expresses provocative questions. Design as a practice lets us see the world as a material to shape and a perspective to shift. It is a practice capable of transforming culture through tangible artifacts.

Visual Identity:
Nate Asis
Tom Debicki

Adrianne Lee
Seden Lai
Oscar Kwong