2015 - Industrial Design Undergraduate Thesis
Garments - Cotton Jersey, Interaction - Reporter App

This project talks about clothing as holders of memories, as aids in asserting our identity, and as representations of a certain self-understanding. Now, this “self-understanding is supported by a variety of life-tracking devices that collect personal data in which we can reflect. This project uses data collection as a method of personalizing our everyday clothing. An interaction with technology that supports introspection for self understanding then eventually for self expression through objects, in this case; clothing. Objects fulfill the need for us to reflect, understand, and archive ourselves.

Special Thanks to:

Geoff Macdonald, University of Toronto Psychology
Nicholas Felton, Reporter App
Processing Reference:
Stephen Boyd
Coding assistance:
Tam Le
Shanon Fujioka

Importing the data collected by the users, translating it into changes in the patterns in processing, then made into physical garments for each user.
Read the motivations, research insights and observations, and project outcomes here.